The company's GC Station is the single unit GC Gas Generator which is a combination of all three gasses for GC Related Articles.

The European Gas Generator Manufacturer has signed an agreement with Gravity Engineering Systems.

Gravity will represent Leman in India and market the products and also provide required services and spares for the same in south India and Maharashtra which is the major industry focus territory.

Speaking about the partnership and products Mr Krishna, director, operations, Gravity Engineering said, "We are very happy to announce our partnership, this agreement between us will bring a very good change in the Gas Generator Industry and we are going to change the way users think, we are focused on the quality and timely service both Online Support(Using Computer) and physical service support, we provide the best in class gas generators with the most advanced features that will enable the user to have hassle free work lab environment and the users can rest assured of the safety and purity of the gas as we have a highly specialized quality control system which makes our generators much more powerful and efficient in all aspects.

" The company's GC Station the single unit GC Gas Generator which is a combination of all three gasses for GC with inbuilt compressors is its specialty.

The firm have already been successful in testing the instrument in most of the well known and well equipped laboratories and claim that its generator is as small as the size of a CPU for a computer. As per the company, the USP of their products is its foot print, touch screen facility and remote control functionality using Ethernet port. - 



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